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Sonic seasoning enhances food flavor with sound

This sound could make your food taste betterThe sonic-seasoning collection enhances the flavor of foodby using sound feedback as you eat(SOUNDBITE) (English) MENGTIAN ZHANG (pron. Mung-te-en Jang), RCA DESIGN STUDENT, SAYING:”This is the microphone base, and actually this is a plate but also a sound filter with RFID in it. So when I connect different sound filters will be triggered and you can see they have different frequencies, you can tell.” Zhang says the set could help people eat healthieror even help people who have lost their sense of taste(SOUNDBITE) (English) MENGTIAN ZHANG, SAYING:”The higher pitch the sound is the sour you feels about the sound and also if the frequency is low maybe the flavor will be much more bitter and salty.”

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