“A reduction in monetary easing as seen in other central banks won’t be an option for Japan,” the Bank of Japan (BOJ) monetary policy board member Asahi Noguchi said in a statement on Thursday.

2% inflation target has been a high hurdle to achieve as it takes longer to meet than expected.

Still thinks it’s possible to achieve 2% inflation target.

Policy mix of fiscal and monetary policies has achieved a certain success.

Expect to take a long time to achieve 2% inflation target, what’s most important is to patiently continue current monetary easing.

Must decide carefully whether to reduce BOJ’s coronavirus special programme.

See no change in price trend.

Japan economy’s recovery will become clearer at the year end and onwards as covid pain eases.

Japan economy picking up, led by overseas economies.

USD/JPY is holding the higher ground, flirting with 113.50, up 0.23% on the day.

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