CBD wellness brand Vybes has teamed up with a Los Angeles-based streetwear and meme brand PizzaSlime to launch a limited edition Watermelon Slime beverage on Monday, September 13.

The two companies have collaborated on a new flavor that aims to help consumers destress and slow down. The idea behind it was to create a special drink for the “ultimate chiller: the easy-going, go with the flow (or those who TRY to be).”

“I’ve been a fan of Pizzaslime since they came out with Erewhon merch a few years ago. They’re so good at poking fun at the things that drive us all nuts, and in a world dominated by endless scrolling, thirsty pics, memes and influencers, we wanted to make a drink with them that embodies a need to leave the social media simulation and get back to a time where life happens IRL,” CEO & founder of VYBES Jonathan Eppers told Benzinga. “Watermelon Slime is the remedy for an anxious mind, a return to the present, where so many of us wish we could be.”

The drink is made with fresh watermelon, sour cherry and lime juices. One can, infused with 25mg of hemp CBD, contains 40 calories and 7 grams of sugar. It is certified vegan and independently lab tested.

The limited-edition Watermelon Slime flavor will be available for purchase online at idrinkVYBES.com and select retailers for $35.94 for a 6 pack.

Vybes prides itself on its celebrity following, which includes Seth RogenKim Kardashian, and Benny Blanco. Recently, the West Hollywood-based CBD company partnered with popular hip hop artist Matthew Tyler Mustok, better known as Blackbear, and launched a beverage in honor of the musician – Blackbear Hibiscus.

Photo: Courtesy of Vybes And PizzaSlime

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