Collaborate with us via news widget offer a news widgets that enable shareandstocks content to be quickly and easily embedded into your webpage. Keep your visitors informed in real time of the latest stock market news worldwide covering diverse subjects such as fundamentals, analyst reports and recommendation and company news.

The contents of the shareandstocks widget are fully customizable, making it quick and easy to share information with others in your company. You can display by market categories or search by a keyword. You can even change the logo for default image to match your company’s image. 

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How to embed shareandstocks content ?

1. Decide where on your webpage you want the shareandstocks content to appear

2. Copy and paste the HTML code below into the chosen position in your webpage :

<ss-rss-list></ss-rss-list><script src=”,malaysia-news,singapore-news,us-market-news&image=your_company_image_URL”></script>

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