A survey found that employers in the United States actually handed out more corporate gifts during the pandemic. Most reported doing so to motivate their teams and maintain connections with their clients.

On their part, mooncake producers have also been experimenting with more ways to reduce packaging waste, by rolling out containers that can be reused or repurposed.

Recent mooncake boxes have taken the form of tiffin carriers, jewellery boxes, wine cases, leather bags and storage drawers. Zero-waste community groups have also shared creative suggestions on how to transform simpler packaging for alternative uses though it remains unclear what happens if recipients themselves have no need for such storage options.

The practice of corporate gifting is unlikely to disappear completely although the pandemic has made companies relook corporate practices for their financial implications.

Spending on items steeped in tradition and culture – while incorporating consideration about their sustainable production and consumption, in the spirit of saving the environment – is a win for all parties.

Using simpler packaging and reducing the use of materials can have their own ecological appeal. This effort can be linked to elements of the festival: The moon, plants and harvest, all parts of nature. It is relevant at a time when companies are striving to mitigate their environmental footprint and hiring chief sustainability officers.

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