Station manager Mr Meswan Satin, who attended the travel fair on Friday, said that he will still opt for tour packages even if they are expensive.

“We understand that the inflation rate has gone up because of the pandemic … That (is) something that you got to live with,” said Mr Meswan who was looking at destinations such as Dubai and Turkey.

“We have no choice … because we enjoy travelling.”

Assistant general manager of leisure and travel at New Shan Travel, Ms Chris Tay said: “We have not been travelling for quite some time. So I believe during this period of time, they have saved enough so they don’t mind (going) further.”

This observation was shared by the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO), which provides travel information to tourists looking to visit Japan.

“Price is not a big problem,” said Ms Hatsume Nagai, JNTO’s executive director for Singapore, citing a survey conducted by the organisation.

She also noted that the travel demand for Japan is “higher than expected”.

Some travel agents told CNA that Japan was among the most popular destinations for the December holiday period.

This is despite the country allowing only visitors on package tours as part of its first phase of reopening which began on Jun 10.

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