Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk on Thursday started a new poll on the microblogging site Twitter Inc TWTR, a platform he has bid to take private in a $44 billion deal or less.

What Happened: The billionaire entrepreneur asked his followers in a new poll to vote for who they trust less.

The 50-year-old Musk asked his followers and users to choose between either a billionaire or a politician. There were no other options.

“Who do you trust less? Real question,” Musk tweeted along with the poll options.

Musk has over 95.2 million followers, and his tweet was liked 185,000 times ten minutes after it was posted. At press time, an overwhelming majority of 371,849 respondents voted ‘politicians.’

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Why It Matters: The outspoken entrepreneur earlier this month slammed the Democratic Party, calling it the “party of hate and division,” adding that he would start voting for the Republicans instead.

Texas, where Tesla is currently headquartered and has a major factory, currently has Republican lawmakers.

Musk has, however, donated to both parties in the past. He has attacked President Joe Biden, having called his behavior a ‘clown show’, as well as Donald Trump, trade unions and a other billionaires.

Price Action: Tesla shares closed 7.4% higher at $707.73 on Thursday.

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