”Finance leaders from the G20 major economies on Wednesday endorsed a global deal to revamp corporate taxation and pledged to avoid premature withdrawal of fiscal support while keeping a close eye on inflationary pressures,” according to a final draft communique seen by Reuters.

”The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors also called on the International Monetary Fund to establish a new trust fund to channel a $650 billion issuance of IMF monetary reserves to a broader range of vulnerable countries.”

G20 finance leaders endorse OECD pact to adopt 15% global minimum corporate tax, reallocate taxing rights for large multinationals.

G20 finance leaders reaffirm resolve to use ‘all available tools for as long as required’ to address covid-19 and its impact.

G20 finance leaders pledge to sustain economic recovery, avoid any premature withdrawal of support measures.

G20 finance leaders say central banks will act as needed to ensure price stability while looking through inflation pressures where they are transitory.

G20 finance leaders say support IMF to secure additional donor contributions to CCRT funds to provide debt service relief for poor countries

G20 finance leaders call for further contributions to expand IMF’s poverty reduction and growth trust -draft

G20 finance leaders call on IMF to establish new resilience and sustainability trust to channel reserve assets to a broader range of vulnerable countries-draft.

G20 finance leaders call for early engagement of borrower countries, private creditors in common framework debt restructuring process

G20 finance leaders urge Chad’s private creditors to act swiftly on common framework debt restructuring process.

G20 finance leaders say look forward to ‘ambitious’ replenishment of world bank IDA fund for poor countries by December 2021.

G20 finance leaders say committed to strengthening resilience of non-bank financial intermediation sector.

G20 finance leaders reiterate that no ‘global stablecoins’ should start operations until all legal, regulatory and oversight requirements addressed.

G20 finance leaders say encourage concerted efforts to reform the world trade organization.

G20 finance leaders say will strive to address bottlenecks of covid-19 tools in low and middle-income countries in coming months.

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