As 2023 nears its conclusion, play-to-earn (P2E) newbie Metacade is following up its successful crypto ICO with a host of new releases designed to increase its liquidity and attract a new round of investment.
The aim is to boost the price of the native MCADE token to eclipse coins such as the LINK crypto token, which has provided the Chainlink price with excellent stability in 2023.

Analysts are already exploring what Metacade’s new developments are likely to mean for the price of MCADE as we enter the new year. Is stability like the Chainlink price the best it can hope for, or will Metacade soar into orbit ahead of the expected bull market in 2025?

Chainlink price trends in 2023

The crypto world is famed for its dynamic and sometimes volatile nature, in which virality can impact asset prices. Some tokens quickly gain traction through social media and influencer endorsements, increasing buying activity. This level of demand, when unexpected, can drive substantial price fluctuations in either direction.

Chainlink, driven by the LINK crypto token, is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts across various blockchain platforms to connect with external data sources, APIs, and financial systems without compromising security and reliability. While it has seen historical price volatility with outstanding yields and one or two worrying losses, the Chainlink price has stabilized significantly this year, providing investors with steady returns.

The Chainlink price steadily rose by around 25% in September 2023 and maintained its resilience as the broader market continued to ebb and flow. This level of stability is helping Chainlink’s price sentiment remain positive and cautiously optimistic, with growing numbers of investors flocking to it as it defies potential external noise and racks up steady gains.

What is Metacade, and how does it work?

Metacade is the world’s first multi-title Web3 gaming arcade owned by the players, for the players. Metacade, a welcoming community where gamers and crypto fans come together within the platform to share their interests, is already living up to its early promise by giving GameFi and Web3 fans the best range of games within the P2E sector. In addition, new titles such as Oxya Origin and Ember Sword will be hitting the virtual shelves imminently.

The all-encompassing rewards scheme is one of Metacade’s key attractions. Here, users earn passive income through gaming rewards (P2E) and contribute to the feeling of community with social interactions online, such as publishing game reviews and providing feedback to developers on new games.

Other pathways to earning money through Metacade include the Compete2Earn scheme, where players can enter online competitions and potentially earn lucrative rewards. From 2024, there will be the Work2Earn initiative, where users can take advantage of a wide range of job opportunities within the Web3 community, from beta testing roles to full-time career opportunities within the industry.

In addition, Metacade has launched its keenly anticipated Metagrants scheme, designed to help boost talent from within. Users with a flair for game design can apply for funding to support their ventures through community votes. Those who succeed gain crypto grants and can put their games into development.

All of these outstanding features are funded by Metacade’s ‘Metanomics’ economy that aims to make Metacade a self-sustainable ecosystem as it generates revenue organically through advertising, tournaments, its job board, pay-to-play titles, and the eager-anticipated launchpad tool.

Metacade’s mainnet to launch after successful $16.4 million crypto presale

While the LINK crypto token shows what can be achieved with investor confidence and sound fundamentals, Metacade launched its platform in April 2023 after successfully raising $16.4 million from its crypto ICO. Since then, this community-centered P2E gaming platform has gone from strength to strength, growing its strategic partnerships with renowned gaming studios and its home-grown developer base.

Soon, Metacade will launch its newest development, the game-changing release of its mainnet. This launch coincided with the release of the first games developed through the partnership with MetaStudio. This collaboration has developed since the two entities first worked on the NFT release and Rune Realms gaming title.

Another partnership recently developed by Metacade aims to capitalize on the success of its mainnet launch, which opens up several opportunities for other collaborations with providers using different blockchains to Ethereum, which hosts Metacade. PR agency Phenoms will work with influencers to promote the burgeoning GameFi platform to a broader audience to grow the Metacade user community.

Metacade got off to a flying start during its ICO, making good on its promises by building early community engagement and establishing several exciting strategic partnerships to help set it as a critical player in the growth of Web3 gaming over the next few years.

Metacade’s new crypto-staking pool

The Metacade developments continue to create a new crypto staking pool to replace its original one that concluded on 7th October 2023. As it releases a token pool of 500 million MCADE tokens, this new staking pool will run for six months with its fixed token supply. The timing of the release is no accident — it coincides roughly with the mainnet release and offers staggering rewards for all participants.

Users staking their tokens can earn a staggering 25% APY on their stake, one of the most generous passive yields available within the crypto marketplace. Stakers can also use a lifetime Metacader pass to enjoy gaming benefits and special offers. Meanwhile, any excess tokens will be burned to maintain scarcity and drive MCADE’s deflationary tokenomics to sustain positive price performance.

The result for investors couldn’t be better. As the staking pool increases Metacade’s market cap, the more token holders that stake their coins to validate transactions on the platform will reduce the circulating supply and boost platform security.

As the Chainlink price offers stability, Metacade looks a great prospect for excellent returns

The Chainlink price has seen steady and stable rises during the past couple of months, but the MCADE token looks likely to make more significant gains in the final weeks of this year. With its recent launches and a range of exciting partnerships concluded, including one with Polygon Labs that could introduce Metacade to a massive new audience while continuing its pioneering journey, Metacade looks like it’s in a position to have a very bright future.

As we turn the corner into 2024, investors could be faced with a genuine choice. Either play it safe and invest in the LINK crypto token, or ride the crest of a wave with MCADE and potentially earn huge returns ahead of the next bull market in 2025.

You can buy the MCADE token via the Metacade website.

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