Imagine putting a thousand dollars into a crypto investment and being met with life-changing wealth. This is not a stretch, as this has often happened to people coming in early on a hot new crypto during its early days and raking in the profits. Kaspa and Near Protocol make interesting case studies, and when paired with the ongoing Rollblock presale, where to put a thousand dollars becomes a fascinating exercise.

Kaspa (KAS): The 1170x investment can double

Kaspa was at its all-time low in May 2022, when KAS sold for $0.000171. A bit more than two years later, in March of this year, Kaspa sold for $0.20 for a return just short of 1170x. A thousand dollars in Kaspa would have netted almost $1.2 million. But that was then, how about now?

Coindesk predicts a Kaspa crypto investment will go up 241% in the next three months, turning a thousand dollars into $2,240. Not a bad showing from Kaspa, but can Near Protocol and the hot new crypto Rollblock do better? 

Near Protocol (NEAR): a 40x token worth striving for. 

At $0.52, Near Protocol hit its all-time low in November 2020 and peaked at $20.42 in 2022 for a 40x return. A thousand bucks could have turned into $39,269. Not bad, but substantially less than Kaspa. But what about Near Protocol‘s future value?

Currently priced at around $4.50, Coindesk pins the three-month return for Near Protocol at 15.91 for a 247% increase, narrowly beating Kaspa and turning a thousand dollars into $2,470. Almost too close to call. What can a presale crypto investment offer like Rollblock deliver?

Rollblock (RBLK): Hot New Crypto To Make Millionaires

To start off with, it needs to be noted that Rollblock is still in the presale phase, giving this token an unfair advantage over other coins on the market, as Rollblock‘s price increases are guaranteed throughout presale, which is already strike one against the competitors Kaspa and Near Protocol. 

But when one considers that online gambling is worth almost half a trillion dollars annually and Rollblock is the first ever fully transparent play-to-earn gambling dApp on the Ethereum network, one has to factor in the massive influx of users on the Rollblock platform, which will drive the price upwards. Strike two.

Strike three is that the Rollblock coins are deflationary. Pegged at only a billion tokens, Rollblock follows all the best policies to ensure that the token remains deflationary, meaning that as supply pressure builds, the Rollblock price will climb ever upwards. 

If there needs to be a strike four, Rollblock is a revenue-sharing token, with all token holders getting paid a portion of the dApp’s profits every week. This is the death knell for Kaspa and Near Protocol, and Rollblock takes the cake.

Analysts have looked at the offering of Rollblock and are of the opinion that a Rollblock crypto investment could easily become the next 100x coin. Analysts are probably being conservative. Bottom line: a thousand dollars in Rollblock will increase dramatically purely from the price increase on the presale. But when one considers a 100x is on the cards once Rollblock lists on crypto exchanges, this hot new crypto could turn a thousand bucks into a cool million before the year is out. 


A well-managed crypto investment can bring incredible wealth, and established tokens like Kaspa and Near Protocol can double your money in the next three months. But it’s in the Rollblock presale where the real potential for massive returns lies. Rollblock has already secured over a million dollars in liquidity, and the third phase of presale is selling out fast. Rollblock is now available at $0.0154 directly from the website, while Kaspa and Near Protocol are available on crypto exchanges. 

Get in on the early action of the Rollblock ($RBLK) presale today!



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