Searches related to “Squid Game,” the Netflix show set in Korea that has emerged as an international sensation, surged on eBay marketplace following the show’s September 17 release–including massive spikes for the Korean sugar candy dalgona which features prominently on the program and masks worn by the show’s guards characters–according to eBay data reviewed by Forbes.

Interest in making dalgona, a Korean sugar candy, has surged following the release of “Squid Game.” … [+] (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)
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Many “Squid Game” viewers were eager to recreate the guard costumes featured on the show, as eBay search terms for square masks and triangle masks jumped 1,306% and 1,990% in the three weeks following the program’s release, an eBay spokesperson told Forbes.

The contestants’ wardrobes were also a topic of interest, as searches for green tracksuits and white slip-on Vans sneakers rose 175% and 14% over the same time period, respectively.

There was a 10,900% increase in searches for dalgona kits, and a 2,760% increase in searches for ddakji, a paper flipping game also featured on “Squid Game.”

This heightened interest matches prior reporting on sales related to “Squid Game,” as Google searches for the “Triple White” Vans colorway reportedly spiked 7,800% and a Korean dalgona vendor had a 250% increase in sales. The “Squid Game” mania is also partially responsible for a new partnership between Netflix and Walmart for the Netflix to have a dedicated digital storefront on Walmart’s website.

“Squid Game” officially became Netflix’s most-watched series ever, the streaming service said to CNN Tuesday. According to CNN, 111 million viewers streamed the show since its debut, nearly 30 million more viewers than the prior record-holder, “Bridgerton,” which reached 82 million viewers over its first 28 days of streaming.

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