Metacade is positioning itself as a go-to community space for play-to-earn
Unique features, like community rewards and Metagrants, have driven millions to the MCADE presale
Metacade could potentially become Web3’s top spot for GameFi with community-led and value-oriented philosophy

With GameFi predicted to take off in 2023 and beyond, many have been looking to invest in crypto projects that could dominate the play-to-earn (P2E) industry. One of these projects is Metacade, and in this article, you’ll find out why it’s attracted millions in investment during its ongoing presale and how to avoid FOMO when getting involved. 

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a community hub aiming to be Web3’s number-one spot for all things P2E gaming. It’s a platform where gamers, developers, and crypto investors alike come together to explore the latest P2E games, take advantage of multiple earning opportunities, and directly influence the future of blockchain-based gaming. 

At its simplest, Metacade features everything players could want from a gaming community: reviews, leaderboards, forums, alpha, and regular tournaments. However, Metacade is taking things to the next level by using blockchain technology and crypto to create a Web3-ready experience for gamers across the globe. 

Not only is Metacade providing a much-needed community space for P2E gamers, but it’s offering an incredible investment opportunity that’s driven FOMO across the crypto space. Metacade has already raised over $10.4m since the beginning of its presale, with each stage selling out fast. Many analysts predict that the later stages will see significant FOMO and sell out in mere days. 

Why Has Metacade (MCADE) Been Selling Out in Presale?

Some investors have highlighted the value Metacade offers gamers at every step of their P2E journey. New players can read reviews and game leaderboards to find out which games are worth playing while learning tricks of the trade from more experienced players. More advanced players are able to share their knowledge and opinions on the latest games in return for MCADE and compete in tournaments for a chance to win big. 

Others point to the number of earning opportunities Metacade is creating for users. Players of all skill levels can earn through sharing reviews, alpha, and other valuable content and participate in casual testing gigs using Metacade’s native testing environment. Most significantly, Metacade is planning to launch a jobs board in 2024, where users will be able to find roles working with some of the biggest names in Web3 and gaming. 

However, one aspect all investors agree has been driving FOMO to the Metacade presale is its innovative Metagrants program. Metagrants are a way for the community to allocate the platform’s funds to game developers building the latest and greatest P2E games. Developers submit their game proposals to one of the Metagrant competitions for MCADE holders to vote on. 

The idea that wins the most votes is awarded funding to help kickstart development, with the polished title being hosted in Metacade’s virtual arcade alongside dozens of other community-backed titles. By playing a fundamental role in potentially producing some of the most well-respected P2E titles, Metacade could soon be a household name amongst Web3 gamers. 

Finally, the community-first philosophy of Metacade seems to have been the deciding factor for many investors. Metacade’s goal is to help everyone get ahead in P2E, regardless of their background, and to put the power back into the hands of the players through the Metagrant scheme. In the hyper-competitive world of gaming, this kind of philosophy is refreshing and will likely be one of the main sources of Metacade’s growth in the long run. 

How to Avoid FOMO During the Metacade (MCADE) Presale

Now that you know why so many investors have already felt the FOMO and jumped on board during the Metacade presale, how can you avoid FOMO yourself? The first step is not investing in crypto projects like Metacade too late. By leaving it until the last couple of stages, you might feel impulsive and compelled to FOMO in. 

The second is to have a plan. Read through the Metacade whitepaper, check out its website, and consider how much you can allocate to the presale if you like what you see. If it means waiting for the next paycheck, then you can try creating a plan of when you’d like to pick up some MCADE tokens. This will help to reduce the pressure of FOMO.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Metacade is posing an exciting investment opportunity to get in early with a potential future leader of the P2E space. Its community-first principles and unique features have already been proven a hit with P2E enthusiasts looking to invest in a crypto project that aligns with their values and goals, and it’s expected that many more will flood into the MCADE presale as time progresses. 

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That said, investing in crypto presales can come with plenty of FOMO, so be sure to research Metacade, its team, and its features to avoid any impulsive feelings. By doing your due diligence, you can ignore FOMO and make an informed decision about why it’s worth investing in Metacade in the first place. 

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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