(Italics: previous analysis)

Since mid-July, JPY108.40-109.41 demand has failed to stir much bullish energy on the weekly timeframe. Nevertheless, recognising the area derives additional backing from neighbouring descending resistance-turned support, extended from the high JPY118.61, an advance could eventually emerge to familiar supply at JPY113.81-112.22.

The uninspiring vibe out of weekly demand is demonstrated by way of a consolidation on the daily timeframe between prime support at JPY108.96-109.34 and resistance from JPY110.86-110.27. Range support, as you can see, is currently in the frame. In the event price deviates from range extremes, Quasimodo resistance at JPY111.11 is seen, along with a concealed Quasimodo support at JPY108.43. Based on the relative strength index (RSI), the value is confined to a consolidation surrounding the 50.00 centreline, between 40.87 and 56.85.

Broad declines observed in major US equity indexes elevated demand for the safe-haven JPY Monday. USD/JPY downside swings technical curiosity to the H4 double-top pattern’s (JPY110.44) profit target around JPY108.71–sharing chart space with a 1.618% Fibonacci projection at JPY108.86 and a 1.272% Fibonacci projection at JPY108.72. However, in order to reach the aforesaid pattern target, the lower edge of the daily range support highlighted above at JPY108.96-109.34 must be taken.

Heading into early US trading on Monday, H1 crossed swords with Quasimodo resistance-turned support at JPY109.45, and clocked a JPY109.65 top before changing gears and heading towards Quasimodo support at JPY109.31. Territory below the latter reveals support at JPY109.11.

Observed Levels:

In keeping with the H4 timeframe, booking additional losses is possibly on the cards until the double-top pattern’s (JPY110.44) profit target around JPY108.71. Still, to reach the aforementioned profit target, sellers must marginally defeat the daily timeframe’s range support at JPY108.96-109.34 and take on any bullish interest from weekly demand at JPY108.40-109.41.

Should we nudge through H1 Quasimodo support at JPY109.31, this could be an early sign of bearish muscle making an entrance, and with this, additional selling might take shape.


(Italics: previous analysis)

In the shape of a hammer candlestick formation (bullish signal), supply-turned demand at $1.3629-1.3456 on the weekly timeframe stepped forward in July. The aforementioned zone remains active, welcoming an additional test mid-August. Yet, pattern traders will also note August’s move closed south of a double-top pattern’s neckline at $1.3669, broadcasting a bearish vibe. Conservative pattern sellers, however, are likely to pursue a candle close beneath $1.3629-1.3456 before pulling the trigger.

Sterling kicked off the week on the ropes, clocking one-month lows versus the US dollar. GBP/USD remains comfortable beneath the 200-day simple moving average at $1.3831 and is within reach of Quasimodo support at $1.3609. Previous analysis underlined the daily chart has communicated a rangebound environment since late June between a 61.8% Fib retracement at $1.3991 and the noted Quasimodo support. Momentum, according to the relative strength index (RSI) value, extended position below the 50.00 centreline and scraped through 40.00 on Monday. This informs traders that momentum to the downside is increasing in the form of average losses exceeding average gains.

Yesterday’s bearish presence established a decision point at $1.3750-1.3721, an area forming a decision to tunnel through Quasimodo support from $1.3693 (currently serving as resistance). Daily Quasimodo support mentioned above at $1.3609 calls for attention as a downside objective also on the H4 scale.

From the H1 timeframe, mid-way through London on Monday clipped the lower side of $1.37 and also brought in resistance at $1.3689–a previous Quasimodo support level drawn from 26th August. Further softening places Quasimodo support at $1.3618 and the $1.36 figure in sight.

Observed Levels:

Having noted scope for the daily timeframe to test Quasimodo support at $1.3609, retesting either H4 resistance at $1.3693 or the H4 decision point at $1.3750-1.3721 could stir a bearish theme. Adding weight to $1.3693 is H1 resistance coming in at $1.3689 and the $1.37 figure.

The H1 Quasimodo support at $1.3618 forms a reasonable downside target, arranged just north of the noted Quasimodo support on the daily timeframe.

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