Anhui Gujing, a time-honored baijiu brand in China, plans to launch a co-branded ice cream with ice cream maker Baxy on September 19. The co-developed ice cream, mainly made of milk and light cream, contains more than 1.12 grams of Gujing’s premium baijiu Gu20 in each cup, according to Anhui Gujing. The retail price for a 500ml bottle of 42% vol Gu20 is RMB 799 ($110), while the 52% vol Gu20 is priced at RMB 899 ($123); the price for the ice cream has not yet been officially revealed. In the first half of 2023, Anhui Gujing became the fastest growing firm among listed liquor companies in China with a net profit of RMB 2.78 billion ($381 million), a 44.85% year-on-year growth, according to Securities Times. [Securities Times, in Chinese]

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