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Market Update: HSI ends week up by 0.61%

April 20th, 2021| 5 hours ago

The Hang Seng Index (HSI) closed the week up by 176.57 points or 0.61% at 28,969.71. This was due to a strong growth in gross [more]

ESR snaps up Blackstone’s $3.91b Milestone Portfolio

April 20th, 2021| 5 hours ago

The portfolio contains 45 industrial real estate assets in Australia. ESR Australia and ESR Milestone Partnership (EMP), subsidiaries of ESR Cayman Limited announced that it [more]

Scoot, Vistara, Cathay Pacific flights suspended

April 20th, 2021| 5 hours ago

More flights from Manila, Singapore and Mumbai have been suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Three airlines have been prohibited from landing in Hong [more]

Cathay Pacific’s passenger traffic plunged 98%

April 20th, 2021| 5 hours ago

Quarantine restrictions in Hong Kong reduced its capacity during the first quarter. Cathay Pacific's passenger traffic dropped 98.4% YOY in the first quarter amidst capacity [more]

HSI welcomes new real estate index

April 20th, 2021| 5 hours ago

It will reflect stock movement of the 30 largest listed property management companies. Read More

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