The week was filled with political drama, social media mockery, and a potential assassination plot. From Jim Jordan jumping to the defense of Jared Kushner, to Tucker Carlson receiving a roasting from a Russian YouTuber, the news cycle was far from dull. Here’s a roundup of what happened.

Jim Jordan Defends Jared Kushner Amidst Scrutiny

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has spoken up in defense of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of former President Donald Trump, following allegations around Kushner’s foreign business dealings. Jordan labeled the investigations as “ridiculous” and emphasized that the Trump family has been under extensive scrutiny. Read the full article here.

Russian YouTuber Roasts Tucker Carlson

Popular Russian YouTuber Roman Albertovich Abalin recently took a jab at Tucker Carlson over his recent video showcasing a grocery shopping experience in Russia. Carlson’s video sparked outrage among many, leading to Roman posting an episode ridiculing Carlson’s lack of understanding of currency and the use of locks on shopping carts. Read the full article here.

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Hunter Biden Points Finger at Kushner

In a closed-door deposition, Hunter Biden defended his business dealings and drew attention to the foreign business ventures of Jared Kushner. Hunter Biden was questioned by Republicans on Capitol Hill about allegations of corruption tied to the Biden family’s overseas business ventures. Read the full article here.

Democrats Desire Alternate Candidate

Despite President Joe Biden‘s victory in all states that held Democratic primaries in the 2024 election cycle, a portion of voters expressed a desire for the party to nominate a different candidate. An activist group even urged Michigan Democratic voters to vote “Uncommitted” instead of selecting Biden. Read the full article here.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reacts to Alleged Assassination Attempt

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) voiced her concerns over the alleged assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson by a Ukrainian agent. Greene emphasized the importance of free speech and a free press, calling journalism one of the most important but dangerous jobs. Read the full article here.

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