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DeFi Is Real, Whatever Happens To Cryptocurrency

July 4th, 2022| 6 hours ago

In Jamie Dimon's annual letter to JP Morgan Chase shareholders, he said explicitly that "DeFi and blockchain are real", which caused some comment in crypto [more]

The Value In Value

July 4th, 2022| 6 hours ago

"One damned thing after another" was Churchill's concise (though perhaps misattributed) definition of history. These days, it seems more than apt. Whether it's $6 gas, [more]

Pay increase puts workers ‘at ease’

July 4th, 2022| 6 hours ago

Workers at flooring company, Interface Europe, Craigavon, have ended their strike after voting overwhelmingly to accept a ​15.25% pay increase. Workers went on strike after [more]

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