The coming week is a post-holiday week. The S&P 500 has risen twice as often as it has declined over the last 50 years. In addition, the mildly bullish end-of-month strength is due to manifest. Expect higher quotes.

BJ Wholesale Club is likely to move higher. The stronger seasonal part of the year is in the offing. The shares have risen in each of the last 5 years from June 18th to September 10th. The dynamic weekly and monthly cycles are both rising. Relative strength has been rising since late January.

The share price has broken out of a two-year consolidation range. Weekly momentum shows a series of higher lows. Weekly relative strength has reversed a downtrend. Daily momentum is constructive. Price is likely to rise over $100 by yearend.

BJ Daily, Weekly, Monthly

There are signs of technical strength.

Cycles Research Investments LLC

BJ Annual Cycle

The strong seasonal period is beginning.

Cycles Research Investments LLC

HP was formerly known as Hewlett Packard and provides personal computing, digital access devices, imaging and printing products, in addition to related technologies, solutions and services. The company reports earnings this week, and the cycles suggest that the earnings report will be met with buying. This is one of the few technology stocks that is not overbought. In fact there are higher lows in monthly momentum. The weekly graph reveals the strength. Note the breakout from the two-year long formation supported by higher lows in momentum. Relative strength has not been strong, but we do see the reversal of a two-year downtrend. The shares are likely to rise closer to $40 by yearend.

HP Daily, Weekly, Monthly

This technology stock is not extremely overbought.

Cycles Research Investments LLC

HP Weekly

The price breakout and relative strength upside reversal are evident.

Cycles Research Investments LLC

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